Our full-service Cellar staff is driven by quality and efficiency. It moves at the speed of your liquid, with seven-day monitoring and availability. Available daily fermentation progress reports and full traceability.


  • Conveniently located 20 miles from a juice company, we are equipped to take in tanker loads of base juices or other fermentable products.
  • 15+ years’ experience in various fluid production.
  • Custom daily monitoring and adjunct additions.
  • In house basic lab work and analysis.

Blending and carbonation:

  • Work with dry goods, concentrates, juices, flavorings, and other ingredients.
  • Carbonation levels from still to 3.5 volumes (maximum 2.5 volumes with pasteurization).


  • Cross Flow
  • Coarse sock filtration
  • Sterile Cartridge

Contact an LDB associate by calling 509.651.0381 or emailing sales@ldbbeverage.com.

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