Product Actualization Program

This program is designed to assist our partners who are developing new products. Often time when an idea is becoming a product the project is fairly fluid. The customer may have an idea of what the final product is to be, but often the recipe changes in one way or another during scale up.

This program is built for these customers. It includes:

  • A shift of time with our cellar staff, perfecting the scaled up version of the recipe. You receive a copy of the final formulation.
  • A shift of our packaging time. Our crew will put your product into package for you. You leave with whatever we are able to package.
  • You receive documentation including the final recipe for your product and any suggestions that we may have for commercialization based upon our experiencing interacting with it.

This program can be catered to your needs, whether we work with suppliers on your behalf, submit any necessary compliance paperwork, or arrange trucking to your storage facility. It is a one price deal that has been very well received by the customers who have used it thus far.

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