Why Choose LDB

LDB is in business to change the pathway of beverage development. We are a production partner, working to build solid relationships that add value to your products and processes. We have found that traditional “Co-packing” relationships have to often been filled with too little information, a lack of collaboration, and a fair bit of adversity. We are replacing that with collaboration, transparency and the spirit of win-win business. We offer a variety of engagement packages, which allow our partners to be involved in the back office portion of their production business to the extent they feel is the most appropriate, adding value to both organizations.

How we are different:

Lower capital output: Let’s say your brand sells 100,000 cases a year split unevenly between six products. LDB’s decision to keep our minimums low allows you to run the product every month, eliminating the capital costs associated with storage and inventory of finished goods. When you examine the velocity of money, smaller run sizes can reduce the capital outlay for your business by over 50%.

Decreased logistics costs: Freight is a necessary evil in the beverage industry, but we can manage it to be more effective. LDB has positioned itself to be located close to materials suppliers. We both, recommend, and work, with local suppliers who are price competitive to keep as little profit as possible leaking into unnecessary freight charges.

Central to the West Coast distribution. LDB is a good choice for companies who sell on the West Coast. We have access to solid freight lanes. Our clients are generally able to deliver finished good trucks to US locations west of the Rockies for less than $1.50 per case.

Communication: LDB will work with you as the run is set up and deliver inventory information to you within 72 hours of the end of each run. You know where you stand.

Call us to see how we can help you.

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